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   The world at large is suffering from a severe case of prosopagnosia. As a whole, man has become almost entirely unaware that he is in fact living in a constant state of disillusion. When looking into the eyes of another, one feels as if there is a separation between what one classifies as "oneself", and what one classifies as "another". Upon gazing into the mirror of eternal oneness, man no longer recognizes himself. He sees someone else entirely, and therefore, feels virtually no attachment to anyone or anything. The true identity of the seeker has been hidden behind layer upon layer of self-imposed self-awareness. Some call this the "ego", and others call it the "self", but all this essentially is is the unconscious belief that every man is a singular entity, apart from those around him.

   An individual has created an identity for himself, based on his predisposition about who "he" is. In reality, there is no "he", there is only one. The idea of the self is entirely illusory, and can therefore be almost instantaneously uprooted. In order to do so, one simply needs to observe their existence in the most literal terms possible. 

   Man is vessel formed from organic material, which exists only as a result of the world around him. In order to observe a reality, one must be of that reality. When one can look past this physical world of organic matter, what one is left with is pure consciousness, or spirit energy. The mind is not the soul, the mind is a filter through which the soul can understand and observe the language of the reality in which it exists. Existence is a great reflection, where neither side is observing, and neither side is being observed. Existence is  constant state of balance between source and source energy. The source is the very pinpoint of creation, and source energy is the means by which source expresses itself. One cannot exist without the other.

   With no tangible way of knowing whether one exists, the only way to truly know is to reflect oneself through what is nothing more than a veil. This veil is the idea of the "self", or the "ego". This veil acts as two way mirror for source and source energy to coexist. Existence is not physical, nor is it real for that matter. Existence is of inexistence. Without an organic, physical framework for source energy to exist in, there can be no source energy, and without source energy, there is no framework.


I've heard it said that God is love, however, I feel as though the nature of God is much simpler. To say God is love is to define that which God can and cannot be. My God chooses not love over hate, nor the opposite. My God holds nothing in higher regard than anything else, for my God has no imperfect human qualities. My God is emotionless and sides with no one man or thing. My God simply IS. My God exists in that elevated, undefined space where there is nothing, or everything that is. All concepts of one thing or another are a construct of the imperfect human mind. Because if one can venture beyond the constructs of their own mind, one can see that where there is nothing, there is everything; unwavering, and unchanging. The ideas of love and hate are nothing more than a byproduct of this conscious experience. They hold no value beyond the confines of one's own mind. 


   What is generally seen as a defined moment is nothing more than a single, boundless eternity, dressed in the clothes of interaction. The collision or collection of those interacting forces is what defines a moment. When interacting forces collide, they create chaos, and when interacting forces combine, they create harmony. This very process is what causes us to believe in the idea of time, and movement. 

   Through observing these interactions, we can bookmark a memory, causing us to feel as if something has happened somewhere other than now. In reality, there is no separation between any singular, so-called moment. There is only one eternity, constantly being redefined, and redressed. That eternity is omnipresent, and unfazed, for it stands greater than any combination of external forces.

   Waves in the sea do not define the entirety of its body, and we can understand moments in the same way. These waves are a byproduct of environmental forces, and express themselves only on the surface of the water. No matter how great, or how delicate these forces become, the body of water remains unchanged. To define the nature of the sea by framing any given series of waves would therefore be foolish. The sea has known both catastrophic storms, and blissful calm, but understands that these events are only surface-deep, and create a balance which feeds the process of perpetual creation.


April 17, 2019

   I believe that creation is the highest act of all. The universe itself is in a constant state of unfolding, and in the process of creating, one contributes to that very movement. Man himself, being impermanent, has only one opportunity for not only extending his existence, but also validating it. The practice of selfishness, therefore, is destructive in nature. If all men lived only to consume, mankind as a whole would become extinct. Every living entity was meant to contribute to the wellspring of creative energy. On even the lowest vibrational level, such a process can be felt.

   Within every creature there exists an urge to create, and it is this urge that instinctually controls their decision making. Every plant bears its seed in an act of creative giving, and the fruit that it bears will become its offspring. One must therefore consider their own existence in such simple terms. The human spirit is nothing more than the seed of an energetic "tree". Blessed with the entirety of that tree, the seed is meant to follow in the footsteps of its creator, and create just the same. Every man contains within him the wholeness of the universe, for he is the divine creation of its unfolding.

   Man's life is not his own; it is an opportunity, and a blessing. Every man should live in accordance with his creator, with the knowledge that he is the very seed of creation. There is no act higher than creation, and there is no act more important. Man should give with every breath he takes, for that is his divine purpose.

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